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Quit smoking with acupuncture

There are several vices people should try to avoid and one of those is cigarettes. Cigarettes can create a lot of problems in the organism, but basically, cancer is the most dangerous condition that might occur and it can affect lungs, throat, esophagus etc. Even though there is not a direct relation, smoking increases the risk of colon cancer appearing.

The problem

This is the final condition that hopefully, will not happen. But there are other, less dangerous conditions. Those are breathing problems, because of the tar accumulation in the breathing passages. The result of chronic coughing could end with the creation of malign cells. Also, fingers and teeth become yellow with excessive smoking. Some people lose their smelling senses and therefore, they cannot enjoy food like before. It is true that fatal condition needs decades of smoking, but unfortunately, this period is shortened with other cancer inducing factors (stress, alcohol, bad eating habits etc.).

The solution

The problem with cigarettes is the addiction, both physical and mental. It is said that physical addiction can be eliminated in a matter of few weeks, which is great. The problem is with the mental addiction, which never disappears completely. Some people stop smoking and still feel the urge from time to time, even decades after quitting smoking. There are several methods for dealing with smoking. Some say that the most effective way is simply to stop using cigarettes, without any additional help. But many people cannot do that, simply because smoking is usually not the only problem in people’s lives. Some use anti smoking medicaments like Zyban, some use patches, light cigarettes, psychotherapy, hypnosis, brain surgery, acupuncture etc. Brain surgery is used for completely eliminating the mental addiction.

Some medical experts recommend smokers to quit smoking with acupuncture. Acupuncture is focusing the mental addiction, cravings and all those symptoms that occur when people stop smoking. Those are nervousness, restlessness, even depression. It relaxes the person, which is also beneficial for a person who is trying to quit this habit. It is also important to try to avoid places with people who smoke and also to surround themselves with people who do not smoke and people who can give a lot of support. Mental addiction is tricky, it cannot be dealt with so easily and it is always lurking, and attacks when people do not expect it. As unbelievable as it may sound, it is common for many people who quit smoking to begin to dream about smoking.         

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