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They say that there is no worse thing than going for acigarette break and then realizing that you did not bring your pack ofhappiness with you. Ouch! But, luckily these breaks usually gather more thanone person, so borrowing a cigarette will not be problem. Well, that is exactly the problem, cigarettesare generally cheap and easily available. This means that poisoning themselveswith nicotine is something that will not strike home budget at all. What willbe affected is the health of that person and unfortunately, health of people inthe closest vicinity. Yes, that is a problem.


When people who smoke are asked one question regarding theirsmoking addiction - why people chose to quit smoking, they know all the answers!They know that the worst thing that can happen to them is cancer (usually of lungsor throat), they know that it will not attack immediately, it takes years, sothey will quit in meantime (yeah, right!). Some justify their smoking with toomuch stress in life, but there are so many people who probably suffer from morestress and they are not smoking. No, they go to a gym, they work out, they eathealthy, laugh with friends, anything but endangering their lives and the livesof others. So, why can’t this be the case with all smokers?

Well, this is because smoking develops addiction, both physicaland mental. Physical addiction can be defeated in the matter of weeks. It willnot be easy, but it can happen. The problem begins with mental addiction. Ex smokers who did not use nicotine in decades still dream at night about how they smoke,and sometimes feel a strong urge for a cigarette, especially when stress comesalong. The mentioned few weeks go for a cold turkey method, when a person simplystops smoking suddenly, without cutting down or using any other kind of help. This is the cheapest, but also probably the most brutal method for eliminating this nasty habit.


There are more and more countries that have done a lot inreducing the numbers of smokers. Furthermore, a person who wants to quit, willhave many options available to choose from, things such as medications and therapysessions. Therapy session just might sound a bit too much, but it is definitelyneeded especially because smokers endanger people around them too and thatmight leave some subconscious psychological mark.

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