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What is the best method that should be applied to kick your smoking habit? Some would say that is cold turkey, other would use hypnosis or self-hypnosis, there are those who rely on medications, patches, while there are those who go on therapy sessions, both group and individual ones. There is also NRT option, nicotine replacement therapy, which also might prove to be helpful.

Options and methods

But what is the truth? Well, many would say: kick your smoking habit without the aid of NRT or meds, patches, therapies and just go for cold turkey. Logically, this really might be the best option for several reasons. First of all, if a person succeeds with this method, self-confidence level will be drastically boosted and that is important for keeping those nasty urges at bay. This is the problem with ex smokers. There is always a possibility they will return to smoking because mental addiction is really very strong and it might make an ex smoker take a cigarette after years of not smoking. This is why cold turkey is effective. If a person succeeds in eliminating nicotine without any help, there is a smaller risk of subduing to this addiction again later on in life.

Reasons for quitting smoking

So, what are the reasons for quitting smoking? Some say that smoking up to 5 cigarettes a day is not a problem and that it will not harm health much. The real problem is in the fact that almost always, those 5 turn into a pack even two, usually on a daily basis. There are initial signs of prolonged smoking such as yellow color of fingers and teeth. There is also bad breath and morning coughing, used for excreting piled up waste material from lungs. A problem here is that not all of these toxic substances are eliminated, some remain and accumulate over years and that increases risk of creation of malign cells. This is a problem because smokers usually do not care much about their health and the lungs or throat cancer is discovered in the late phase, when not much can be done. This is why it is imperative for smokers, if they do not want to quit smoking, to at least check their health status from time to time.

Also, there is a problem of endangering other people’s health. Why would some people have to suffer because someone is selfish enough not to think about others? This is why countries all over the world are trying to reduce the number of smokers with series of laws and regulations. It can be said that generally, the biggest effect has a financial repercussion.

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