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Side effects of giving up smoking

Only the Tenacious Prevail

Smoking is a terrible habit. Not only does it affect your health, but it also causes people around you exposed to many unhealthy aspects of cigarette smoke. For these and for many other reasons, people decide to quit smoking at some point of their lives. However, most of the times, they have not got the strength to endure the troubles this decision brings. Namely, one who decides to stop smoking is to take his or her own words quite seriously and stick to the decision. Nevertheless, people are often strong on words rather than actions and, usually, they only quit smoking hypothetically, defending themselves by claiming that they are addicted and cannot possibly stop. Also, many are afraid of enduring the withdrawal symptoms which are to strike once a person decides not to smoke a single cigarette again. In fact, there are some withdrawal symptoms related to nicotine addiction one may have. But, the main enemy of a smoker is his own smoking self.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

First and foremost, once a person decides to quit smoking, he or she will firstly start coughing excessively. This, however, is nothing to be afraid of. Rather, a recently ex-smoker's organism is experiencing abundance of oxygen for the first time in a long time. Thus, it is using this valuable chance to expel all the unwanted poisonous material from one's lungs. Therefore, this cough is a very good sign since it is the first step towards your body's regeneration.

Secondly, some people claim that quitting smoking will make a person more nervous, since cigarettes served as a sort of sedative for the smoker. This is not true. Even though, while smoking, one may feel that he or she is relaxed whenever inhaling cigarette smoke, it is not so. After quitting, you will usually realize that you never even needed cigarettes, since coping with difficult situations will prove to be much easier once you have a clean organism.

Additionally, other smokers say that they do not want to stop since they are afraid of gaining weight. This is only true if an ex smoker finds satisfaction in some type of food and, for example, eats a bar of chocolate every time he or she wants to light up a cigarette. Otherwise, self control and self awareness prevent one to gain weight once he or she stops smoking.

Finally, smokers often think that they will constantly be in a bad mood without cigarettes. However, you should not let this get you down. Do not allow cigarettes and nicotine to control what you are. If you are positive and cheerful with cigarettes you will be even more of that without them. You are the key to your own success, not a bunch of dry plants wrapped in a sheet of paper.

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