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It can be freely said that smoking is one of the major health problems today. Of course, it is a problem because smokers are actually hurting themselves by smoking cigarettes and a lot of it over the years. The medical problem that smoking might cause is cancer of lungs and/or throat. This malign tumor does not happen after couple of years of use, it takes time, a decade or two, or more. In most cases, it never emerges, but the risk of being affected by this problem is tremendously higher in smokers than in non smokers. And it is obvious that all smokers are aware of this possibility and they all still smoke! So, smokers, stop smoking and spare your lungs!

The problem

Over the years, waste material in form of toxins and cinder particles accumulates in the breathing pathways and disrupts the process of breathing. This is why smokers are usually short on breath, and start breathing heavily when running or performing some other physical activity. The mentioned accumulated material causes morning coughing, which is common for all smokers. And as mentioned, this can also end in creation of malign cells. There are also some other issues that smokers have to deal with it, although they are not as dangerous as previous one. Those are yellowish fingers and teeth, bad breath, loss of taste in mouth etc.

The solution

There are several methods that can be used to deal with smoking, but there is one that might be the best options. Simply stop smoking, leave cigarettes aside and the problems will leave you. It is true that this method might be the most problematic one, but it is also the most effective one. This is because a nasty habit is defeated without any additional help; a smoker’s mind plays the biggest role here. It is said that physical addiction is not a problem here, and a couple of weeks is all that is needed for a person to become free of cigarettes. The problem is related to the psychological issues that might last for years. Some dream about it, some people stand in the smoking room filling the lungs with smoke of other people’s cigarettes. This problem is well expected and people will have to deal with it somehow, because it might return people to smoking, if nothing is done about it. It is not unusual for an ex smokers to start smoking again after a decade or more of not using nicotine. But there are also cases of ex smokers who cannot even stand the thought of smoking again, let alone inhale the smoke.

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