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Smoking is one of the vices that really should be avoided. It is true that medical dangers that come with this bad habit usually do not show until a couple of decades of smoking, if they show at all. But there is another problem. Smoke from the cigarette affects people in the vicinity of the smoker, whether they like it or not. So it can be said that this bad habit may affect several people because of one.


When a person decides to quit smoking, it can be said that a lot has already been achieved. But it is not enough. Wanting something and actually achieving it are two very different things. Some manage to leave cigarettes for couple of days, weeks, even months and then return to them. There are cases of people who managed not to smoke for years and also returned to smoking. Eliminating smoking from a person's life is important because of the possible medical problems that might emerge after a long period of nicotine consumption. Unfortunately, malign tumor is also a possibility, and usually the lungs and throat are effected. As already said, this is something that happens later on. In the beginning, there are symptoms such as bad breath, yellowish fingers and teeth, loss of taste in mouth etc. First serious sign of some possible condition is mourning cough, which is the mechanism of the organism for elimination of secreted toxic substances that accumulate in the respiratory system.

Leaving cigarettes is not easy. Some people use certain situations for this, such as some medical intervention or operation, since this leaves them hospitalized for couple of days with no smoking allowed. Mental strength is very important for this problem and the fact that some people dream of cigarettes once they quit smoking is a proof more.


There are those who gradually reduce the number of cigarettes and there are those who use a cold turkey method. The later method might be the best possible, but it is also very demanding. Quitting smoking abruptly will put a person in front of a battle with physical and psychological addiction. Physical addiction should diminish within a couple of weeks, but as always, the war in a person's mind whether to light a cigarette or not will rage for years. Some people even go on therapy sessions, individual and group ones. To stop smoking once and for all in order to avoid the dangers related to health might be one of the most important things in a life of a smoker.

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