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When it comes to smoking, it is one of things that should be eliminated from life as soon as possible. Smoking does endanger the life of the smoker but to some point, it also damages the health of the people in the physical vicinity of the smoker. And even though smokers are aware of this, they still continue smoking because the addiction is still too strong. Some decide to stop smoking abruptly, some do that when their life really is in danger, some women do that when they become pregnant, while some people smoke all their lives without any consequences at all (these are rare cases!).


For some smokers, there is always that planning of Monday of beginning a life with no cigarettes, and usually, this Monday never comes. Or sometimes it does come, but there is no Tuesday and so on. However, it can be said that it might be better to at least try quitting than not trying at all. At least, couple of cigarettes less will be smoked.

Still, it is important to leave cigarettes because that is the only way to restore the health to previous state and also to drastically reduce the risk of getting affected by throat or lung cancer. Unfortunately, malign tumor is something that awaits some of those who smoked a lot for many years. To avoid this, the addiction has to be eliminated. This can be done in several ways but many will agree that simply leaving cigarettes and not lighting another one in life is the best possible way.


This is not easily done and some people simply cannot achieve this. That is why there are some options that can be used when battling this addiction. One of those is lobelia. People who cannot go cold turkey with cigarettes should try to stop smoking with the help of lobelia. This is an interesting herb because chemically, it resembles nicotine and sometimes, when using lobelia extract, the body might be fooled to think that nicotine is in the system. It also helps with cleansing the breathing pathways, which might become obstructed with waste and toxic material thanks to nicotine. Lobelia can also be used in the form of tea, produced for those who cannot use it in any other form. Besides this option, there are also some other supplements and medications that should be used in the nicotine war.

In spite of all possible helping options, it is true that more or less, everything depends on the mental strength of the smoker. If he or she cannot survive a day without a cigarette, then no help can be effective.

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