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Smoking is a vice that is popularly known as a slow killer.This is because it can cause creation of malign cells, but not at the verybeginning; it might happen after decades of using nicotine. Not only that,there are certain negative effects that show up earlier and those are yellowishfingers and teeth, bad breath, morning coughing, shortness of breath, loss oftaste in mouth, etc.

How to stop

There are several methods that can be used for eliminationof cigarettes from a person's life. Those are natural ways to quit smoking, andalso some methods that use help from certain products. When it comes to naturalmethods, it has to be said that perhaps the best method is the one that doesnot include any additional help, the so-called cold turkey. This methodrequires only one thing – not lighting any more cigarettes and that is all.This method is easy for some people but for some it is something that simplycannot be done. Those people need some additional help in the form ofmedicaments and some tools, such as patches for example.

Leaving cigarettes will cause several things. First of all,a person will feel a strong, uncontrollable desire to light a cigarette, andthis is when many people fail. Some people cleverly use certain situations inlife to stop smoking. For example, post op period when smoking is not allowedis an excellent start. It does not have to be some serious surgery; it might betonsils removal, for example. There is physical and psychological addictionthat has to be subdued when a person quits cigarettes. Statistics say that aperiod of two weeks is needed for physical addiction to fade away, whilepsychological addiction is something completely different. There are cases ofpeople dreaming about cigarettes decades after quitting. People admit that theyfeel strong urges to light a cigarette years and years after the last one waslit.


Some people need additional help for quitting smoking. Thathelp can be in the form of therapies, individual or solo. Some even usehypnosis in order to deal with this problem. There are also medications thatshould be effective in this fight. Zyban is one of those medications and it iswidely used today.

It is important to say that even though there are a lot ofproducts that help with this problem, but the fact is that everything dependson a person. Determination, strong will, self-control, this is all needed forsuccessful smoking quitting.

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