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Many people who were members of the military join some similar jobs once their duty is done. For example, they might become police officers, members of the emergency medicine groups or firefighters, among many other professions. In order to perform these duties properly, people need to stay physically fit. Army reservists have to undergo regular physical health testing every 6 months, in order to be in shape, not potentially risking their lives or the lives of other people. The same goes for the above mentioned professions, including firefighters, who absolutely need to stay in good physical condition.

Physical Requirements for Firefighters

One of the best ways of boosting your strength and overall fitness is through a combination of jumping jacks and push-ups. These need to be repeated 5 to 10 times each. Once you finish your jumping jacks exercise, you will put your body in an adequate mood for push-ups. Then, you can perform about 50 to 100 of these, through 10 repetitions. You do not have to do all the push-ups in a single session. Rather, you can perform repetitions throughout the day.

Other Great Exercises for Firefighters

The above mentioned exercises can be combined with squats, performed between jumping jacks and push-ups. Up to 20 squats per repetition will suffice.

Additionally, you may introduce dumbbells into the workout, performing various activities with these in your hands. Basically, you create mixes of bicep curls, military presses and triceps extensions. Alternatively, you can add full squats to the mixture, performing each of the exercises one after another. Finally, when you get more used to the combinations and your stamina develops, you can add push-ups and squat thrusts to the mixture.

Then, your routine should look something like starting with dumbbells by the waist, doing a squat afterwards, then a push-up, followed by a reversed squat thrust, squat up and raising the dumbbells above the head and moving them behind the head, repeating the whole action once you are done.

All in all, you can make as many combinations as you want. However, remember that the point is not in your schedule. You need to exercise regularly if you are a firefighter. Lives of others depend on you, your fitness and physical skills. Thus, make sure you are always prepared and fit, allowing others to count on your in situations when their lives might be seriously jeopardized. Get to the ideal fitness level and maintain it successfully.

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