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Exercising does not necessarily need to involve equipment. One can maintain ones physical fitness without the use of equipment. In this manner, you can maintain your body weight, tone up your body, and stay fit. One does not need to joing a gym in order to maintain physical fitness. Indeed, this might be difficult for you, especially if you are working off a tight schedule, or even if you are just a particularly lazy person. With this in mind, lets examine some exercises that you can perform at home without requiring the use of equipment.

Best Exercises at Home Without any Equipment
Jumping jacks are a great way to work out at home without employing the use of weights. Many will remember this exercise from their schooldays or childhood years. In fact, this exercise is a great way to work out your legs, hands, and thigh muscles. Further to this, jumping jacks provide us with the potential for gaining great cardiovascular exercise. In order to perform this exercise, stand with your feet placed together and the arms held at the sides. Tuck in your arms to your sides. Jump up and make sure to bend your knees. In mid air, move your feet as far apart as possible. At the same time, lift your hands so they are vertically in line with the shoulders. As you land, you should return to the starting position, with the feet together and the hands at the sides.
Jogging is a good way to gain exercise at home or elsewhere. This exercise doesn't require the use of weights, and does not even require a lawn or jogging track in order to perform it. Jogging can lead to many benefits. It helps to work out the entire leg, and is one of the best types of cardiovascular work out that one can undertake. If you are jogging, make sure that you wear the appropriate footwear. This is true even if you are jogging at home. As you get fitter and become more used to jogging, you can gradually increase the pace and duration of your exercise regime.
Rotation exercises are another excellent way to exercise at home. Rotate the wrists clockwise and anti clockwise. Rotate the feet in the same fashion, before placing both hands on the shoulders and rotating your shoulder clockwise and anti clockwise. The legs can also be rotated, but this requires one to lie down on your back on a mat.

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