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Many people see physical fitness as something unreachable, demanding numerous sacrifices and incredible amounts of work and effort. However, this is not so since getting in shape can mean many things, varying from one individual to another. Basically, there are three main factors of physical fitness you need to maintain in order to be in shape and live a healthy life. These three are muscular strength, aerobic endurance and flexibility. So, make sure your exercise plan focuses on the development of these and you will reach your desired level of physical fitness in no time.

General Facts about Physical Fitness

Basically, every move we make requires muscular effort. Thus, exercising in order to boost your physical fitness will help you get in good shape and perform regular daily tasks with ease. Thus, once you are physically fit, you are bound to have no problems carrying groceries, mowing the lawn or doing any other tasks. Weight lifting and exercises which do not require equipment can all be excellent for these purposes.

Keep in mind that you need to constantly challenge yourself and your current level of physical fitness, without going too far. So, use adequate resistance for any exercise you perform.

Besides strength training, your physical fitness routine needs to incorporate cardio workouts too. Cardiovascular exercises will help you manage your weight by burning your excessive calories. Running, walking, cycling, swimming and many other cardiovascular can be performed either at home, on a treadmill machine, or outside. So, with all the creative freedom you need, add cardio exercising into your physical fitness routine.

Finally, flexibility should not be left out. Even though cardio and strength training may seem to provide enough physical exercise for achieving the desired level of fitness, you need to perform stretching and warm up exercises in order to avoid injuries and make your joints, muscles and ligaments more flexible. Thus, dedicate 5 minutes before and after your routine for these types of exercises.

Training for Physical Fitness

Balancing all the components of your physical fitness, you can start with cardiorespiratory endurance exercises. This factor presents your body's capability of removing toxins while delivering nutrients and oxygen to the tissues. Measure your current cardiorespiratory endurance by stepping on and off a 10-inch-high step, monitoring your heart rate after 5 minutes of this activity.

Next, do push-ups for boosting your muscular endurance and your physical fitness at the same time. Lifting weights will increase your muscular strength, so do not neglect this activity.

Finally, do not forget stretching and warming up, increasing your flexibility.

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