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Plyometric workout facts

Facts behind Plyometric Exercising

Those athletes or people who enjoy doing the sports often, who want to improve their performance and coordination, can all only benefit from indulging into plyometric exercising. This workout method manifests through rapid movement of limbs with excessive focus and concentration. Thereby, this approach improves both your nervous system and your physical performance, resulting in faster and more effective movements, providing you with maximum effectiveness. Many people have already experienced and enjoyed all that plyometric workouts can bring. Without further ado, read on and discover the truth behind this miraculous method yourself.

How To Perform Plyometric Workouts?

These exercises vary in difficulty and intensity. Therefore, you have to make the adequate combinations in order not to force yourself too much or, at the same time, make insufficient improvement. Also, these are best when combined with some other exercises focusing on strength development such as weight lifting and similar ones. Make sure you do not force your lower body too much, since the exercises for this part are quite demanding. So, it is best not to do more than three of them, limiting the repetitions.

The first plyometric exercise is squat jumps. These are performed by standing straight, with you shoulders wide apart and your elbows at a 90 degree angle to your arms. Then, bend your knees until your thighs are in the same position as the ground below it, performing squats. Next, jump as high and fast as you can, in an upward direction, landing back in the initial position.

The next exercise involves a similar initial position, only with your legs slightly bent and your arms next to your legs. In such a position, start jumping so as to touch your chest with your knees. Repeat as soon as the balls of your feet touch the ground, reducing the pause between repetitions to a minimum.

For the following exercise, you will need an object which is not too high and which you can jump over easily. Place this object on the floor, stand next to it and jump over its sideways. At the same time, make sure you jump as high as you can and bend your knees as much as possible. Also, landing and repeating should happen at almost the same time.

You may implement a medicine ball in your plyometric workout session. Stand with your feet at the same width as your shoulders, bend your knees slightly and take the medicine ball in your hands. Then, without bending further, take the ball above your head, throw it down on the floor, and pick it up once again, repeating the procedure immediately. You may perform a variation of this exercise, involving you standing next to a wall in a same position. Then, throw the ball at the wall and grab it as it bounces, repeating the process as fast as you can.

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