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Over time, exercises come and go on the popularity rating. Now is the time for the boot camp exercises. This is because they work on burning many, many calories in a short time. The boot camp routine puts the focus on total body fitness and targets all of your areas which means the cardio and muscular endurance, weight loss, body strength, suppleness, muscle building, poise, and flexibility.What is Boot Camp Exercises

The exercises work by putting a person through a range of high intensity strength and cardio exercises that are particularly designed to confront your strength and endurance while at the same time burning your calories. The exercises are quick, going from one to the other devoid of much rest time. An additional part of boot camp workouts is that they are enjoyable to do because every exercise is dissimilar which means you don't get uninterested throughout the workout. The cardio boot camp exercises at home mostly comprise of push ups, jumping jacks, crunches and additional high intensity strength training work outs.Styles of Boot Camp Exercises- High Knee Drill and Burpees

To do this exercise you will need to stand straight and push your knee in the air in the direction of your chest and then place back down in the same position and then do again with the other leg. You need to do this exercise quickly, making sure your feet land square in the same position on the ground each and every time. This can then progress to a jogging state so you have very minimal ground contact time. To do the burpees you need to be in a standing position and jump as high as you possibly can, as you come back down you need to land so your hands go flat on the ground so you are in a round position almost with your feet flat on the floor. From this position you can then kick your legs back so you are now in the push up position. This should only be for a second so you need to snap back your legs under you again and once again jump up to the sky and repeat.

Squat - Thrusts: Stand with your feet together and squat down with your hands on the floor next to your feet. Quickly jump your feet backwards into a push up position and then jump the feet back between hands and stand up. Perform 10 repetitions, march in place for a few seconds and then do 10 more repetitions.Styles of Boot Camp Exercises-Slow Push Ups

You need to put your body into a push up position and complete four, on the fifth you need to go down so you are half way down and hold for the count of five. After which you can repeat.

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