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Fact or Two about Physical Fitness

First of all, we all know that being physically fit is closely connected to being healthy. We are motivated from various sources, telling us to introduce exercises into our lives, since this will make us feel much better, both on the mental and on the physical scale. It is true. Physical exercises make people healthier. However, being physically fit is not just being able to lift a lot of weight before putting it down. Rather, physically fit are considered those people who are capable of withstanding a longer lasting cardio exercise exposure without problems, people who can lift weight repeatedly and people who possess adequate bodily flexibility. That being said, you can guess that a proper exercise plan should involve all three of these aspects of physical fitness. Generally, an excellent exercise plan of this type, made for healthy teenagers, would involve jumping rope exercises, fast walking, push-ups, weight lifting, running and yoga.

Benefits of Physical Exercise on Teenagers

First and foremost, regular exercising of this type will make teenagers healthy and fit, their cardiovascular systems in ideal condition as well as their lungs. Subsequently, they will lose excessive weight, reducing the chance of being obese, which can cause many different health problems. All in all, in terms of bodily health and well-being, physical fitness is crucial.

Exercising triggers out endorphins, which are our happy hormones. Thus, regular exercising makes us more happy and positive, influencing our mental state of mind and our relationships with other people. Physically fit teenagers are often positive and happy, emitting energy from their very presence.

Moreover, good exercise provides even better sleep, which, in return, gives better daily performance in school, as well as in other aspects of teenage life.

To conclude, there are many different benefits, and not a single reason why you should not start exercising and becoming physically fit this very second. However, you need to make sure you follow several pieces of advice before you rush out to the gym or wherever you are going to exercise. Before starting, pay your doctor a visit and do a check of your overall health condition. This will help you create your ideal workout pattern, suiting your body best. Next, if you are just about to introduce exercising to your teenage life, start slowly and go on gradually, without rushing. You might consider walking before jogging, jogging before running etc. Take it one step at a time and make yourself motivated by all the wonderful things you can gain from a regular physical exercise.  

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