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A Complete Fitness Exercise Set

Even though most of people concentrateon specific body areas while exercising, this is a wrong thing to do.Rather, you should try and create an exercise program of your own,crossing the boundaries of different disciplines and focusing on aperson's body as a whole. Therefore, you need workouts affecting yourstrength, endurance and stamina, as well as muscle development,keeping you flexible and in good shape at the same time. This iseasily achievable, believe it or not. All you need to do is to becreative and make sure you implement all of the exercise elementsabout to be mentioned into your personal workout plan.

Stamina Exercises

This group involves those types ofphysical activity called aerobic. Namely, walking, running, jumpingand all the other similar activities belong to this group. Swimming,rowing and riding a bicycle add on to the list. These exercisesincrease your stamina and boost your metabolism, making you fit andcapable of enduring any other, physically harder exercises.

As far as pace and frequency areconcerned, five days a week you should dedicate half an hour of yourevery day for these purposes. Moreover, it would be best to do thiswith someone else, since alone you might lose interest. If there areat least two of you with the same aerobic habits, you will encourageone another and remain motivated throughout the process.

Strength Exercises

In order to boost your strength, anddevelop a visible muscle structure, you need other types ofexercises. These involve weightlifting, push ups, pull ups, workoutmachines and other gym items. Start gradually, training with theweight and difficulty you find most suiting to your current levels.Gradually, however, you will increase both the number of repetitionsand the number of exercise sets. This part of exercising is theslowest one when it comes to effects. Therefore, you must bepersistent and endure working out all of your major muscle groups,including arms, chest, hips, back, and legs, in order to completelybenefit from these activities and achieve visible results.

Stretching Exercises

Equally important to working out iswarming up and stretching. Thus, before starting your rich andversatile workout program, make sure you warm up and stretch,performing a series of jumping jacks, squats or similar lightexercises. Also, before and after any major exercise, stretch again.This way you will let your muscles relax, reducing chances of gettinginjured. Finally, if you want to stay in shape even after you areolder than 40, consult with your doctor about the exercises best foryou. This way you will get the maximum out of your workout planwithout any problems or side-effects.

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