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Drills focused on volleyball can be great with regard to ones overall fitness goals and development. Drills such as this can be intense and are heavily focused on the development of skills. Through these drills, one can attain a high level of general fitness. Choosing the right drills and combining this with dedication can lead to eventual success with regard to ones overall goals.

Volleyball and physical fitness
Strain can be placed on certain muscles in the body through the undertaking of these exercises. With this in mind, it is important to warm up and stretch properly during the course of this kind of exercise regime. A traditional warm up that is often used in conjunction with volleyball is jumping rope. This can help in the development of ankle strength and foot speed. Both of these things are crucial to the game. In order to warm up properly, try to jump rope for around five minutes before undertaking the drills. Particular attention should be paid to stretching the hamstrings and arms. Leg swings are another good way to warm up. Both dynamic and static stretches should be performed in order to successfully warm up for this kind of drill.
When trying to develop ones body for volleyball, one should look to build up strength and agility, amongst other things. To build up ones strength, focus on performing exercises such as step ups, v-sits, push ups, lunges, and wall sits. With regard to increasing and developing ones agility, there are several drills that can be performed. One such drill is the lateral shuffle. With this drill, hold your thighs parallel to the floor. Shuffle to the left and then to the right. Try to shuffle about six meters each time. The next drill is the sprint with change drill. Sprint for six meters before stopping. Then sprint back in the opposite direction without pause. Make sure to absorb the strain placed on the body by stopping by using the hip and leg to do so.
Cone drills can also be used. Line up three cones in a line, and try to zig zag in between the cones as quickly as possible. Try to keep your hips as low as possible when performing this drill. Keep the body as stable as possible when doing so. Keep the hips and shoulders as square as possible. This will ensure that you are not turning the body against the natural direction of movement.

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