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Walking is an excellent form of exercising, allowing you to stay in shape and burn calories. Therefore, it is an activity worthy of being a part of your regular exercise routine. When done correctly and properly, walking can present a great cardiovascular activity, making your heart stronger and your body healthier.

Walking Activities for Physical Fitness

With a good walking activity program, you can easily get in good shape in 10 weeks. This program will encompass numerous activities, all of which are excellent for achieving and maintaining positive levels of physical fitness.

First of all, walking strengthens your core muscles, boosting your posture and increasing the speed of your movements. However, if you desire to boost the performance of your core muscles even more, there are many exercises you can opt for.

Additionally, walking boosts the hamstring muscles in your legs, along with the glutes and shin muscles. However, if you desire to involve quadriceps muscles in your walking workouts, mix walking with cross training through cycling, step-ups and squats.

Unfortunately, walking does little for toning the upper body. Rather, if you desire to concentrate on this part of your body as well, lift weights while standing still. Carrying weights while walking is not considered to be that effective.

Yet, walking will improve your balance and flexibility, especially if you stretch and warm up before the process. For these purposes, you may use an exercise ball or a fitness disk.

Finally, you can contribute to all the benefits of walking by having a healthy diet and tracking your calories. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, along with balanced proteins and healthy amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

The Walking Program

Use props such as exercise ball, dumbbells or resistance bands throughout your exercising, for better results.

You can start your Mondays with walking for about 15 minutes, doing some workouts for the core muscles later. Add quadriceps and upper body exercises to this routine too.

Dedicate Tuesdays for speed building through interval walking preceded and followed by an adequate stretching and warm up procedure.

Wednesdays should be left for relaxing and walking for about 60 minutes, again with workouts for quads, upper and core muscles afterwards.

Start your Thursdays hard by walking at your maximum speed for about 50 minutes or dividing your hi-speed walking intervals in 3 or 4 parts, with pauses in-between.

Fridays are supposed to share the activities done on Wednesdays, followed by cross training activities on Saturdays and distance walking workouts on Sundays.

This kind of exercising routine, when repeated, will allow you to achieve excellent body fitness in ten weeks.

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