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Exercising is all about a good plan. People make a common mistake and attack gym machines and weights like crazy, three or four times in a week, repeating the same cycle of exercises and wondering why they progress slower than the others. A good plan must include changing of the rhythm, resting and controlled eating. This means that if a person wants a strong body, some lifestyle changes have to be made. If not, the progress will be slow and disappointing, making people stop at some point.


How to lose fat while eating more and do less cardio? Cardio is really good for fat burning, but it is not true that strength building will eliminate extremely less calories! It is simply wrong; resistance training performed with additional weight needs and consumes energy. It might be less than with cardio, but fat will be gone and muscles will be strengthened. So, what has to be done?

Training session should be intensive and affect several muscle groups at the same time. This is the best possible solution whatever type of workout is done. Attacking many muscles will increase the overall strength of the body and consume more energy since more muscles are involved. Also, interval training must be applied all the time. This is when cardio can be done, but since it is interval type, it will be very intensive and effective. The simplest and commonly used example is mixing jogging and sprinting. This will put the body in front of a great challenge because it will attack not only muscles, but also the respiratory and cardiovascular system.


When energy is consumed in large amounts, this definitely means this has to be compensated somehow. And yes it is done with eating. Of course, it would be pointless to eat junk and fast food only. If a person wants to eat a lot, then healthy food is the only choice. This includes vegetables, fruits, poultry (white part), fish, whole grain food, cereals, dairy products (low fat only) etc. Also, no overeating is allowed, and to boost the metabolism some more, daily amount of food should be taken not in 3 but in at least 5 meals. This will keep the digestion process running all the time and that also consumes energy. Also, eating big meals should be avoided before training session (at least 3 hours should pass between eating and exercising). This is important because energy is spent for food processing and while training, all possible energy should be used for only that.

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