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Exercising is a process that has to last for a certain period if a practitioner wants to feel the real results, although initial results will be visible after only a couple of training sessions. Muscles will be tired, some water from the body will be gone and some weight reduction will happen due to excessive sweating, faster metabolism which process the food faster, etc. There are many types of exercising that might shape the body a bit differently, but in the end, the result should be the same, with excessive fat eliminated and muscles strengthened.


As mentioned, there are different exercising forms available today and it is proven that sweating a lot and exhausting the body are not the only ways to lose weight effectively. For example, it is proven that exercising several times a day for about 15 minutes will have almost the same effect as one training session that lasts for hour, hour and a half. Also, there are many stationary exercises that have a role in the fat burning process and weight reduction. It was thought that it is far less effective to lose the weight when you exercise while sitting than a pure cardio workout. Even though there are definitely differences, sitting in the chair can also be productive.


For example, while sitting in the chair, there are some simple exercises that can be done and burn some fat in the process. Leg raising can be done, which is perfect, especially if desk is covering the legs completely (so it can be done frequently, as much as person wants). There is also stretching of the upper body and arms, which is great for building flexibility and reducing some small amount of weight. There are some forms for strengthening the core and one would be pulling the stomach in and keeping it like that for as long as possible. Pulling should be done until breathing process becomes disrupted. This form will tone the abdominal muscles a bit and also reduce the size of the belly. Similar exercise can be done with buttocks.

It is obvious that all these exercises might not be as intensive as jogging, lifting weights, doing push-ups, etc. Still, these forms will keep the basal metabolism constantly active and that is something desirable by all who are into physical fitness. Basal metabolism needs energy for functioning so every spent calorie is important.

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