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Losing weight is easy, but people should follow several simple rules. The most important rule would be to exercise more and eat less. Of course, this is the basic variation, which hides several complex solutions. It should also be said that losing weight should not be the same process for all areas. This means that certain region of the body might need more focus and attention when it comes to weight loss than some other (for example, the abdominal area, thighs, underarm etc). How to lose weight in your thighs is a problem which is generally more affecting women than men. This is because women are generally more interested about lean and slim body without an ounce of excessive fat, while men are not so obsessed with fat percentage, as long as their muscles are strong.


It can be freely said that running is one of the most effective exercises when it comes to shaping legs, including thighs, too. Cardio workout is generally great for elimination of fat loss because it uses low level of strength so exercising can be done longer. And statistics claim that fat burning process should start after about 30 minutes of intensive cardio workout. Running is great not only for legs, but also for torso, although even arms are somewhat activated. Running also enhances cardiovascular system, which is great for the heart muscle and also for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides in the bloodstream, although eating control has a lot more effect on that.


Squat is a great thing for thighs. It can be done with or without additional weight. When there is a lot of additional weight used, squat induces muscle mass building. When there is no additional weight, lean muscles are made. Squat is interesting because it also activates torso and even arms, if there is a bar placed on the shoulders. Lunge is another form that has positive effect on thighs. Basically, it resembles a big step forward while the knee of the back leg almost touches the ground. Great forms not only for thighs, but also for buttocks and back are side kicks, back kicks and other similar forms, which are all needed to shape legs nicely.

It is also important to use some healthy diet along with exercising process. Diet will bring the element of additional fat burning, but in order not to exhaust the practitioner, the daily menu should still provide enough energy for a training session and it should all come from healthy food. This means that fruits and veggies should be in the front plan, also with healthy meat (poultry and tuna, for example), low fat dairy products, whole grains etc.

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