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Keeping the weight within normal range is not easy. It requires certain rules to be followed, but if that is done, the health status of the organism will always be positive. So, how to lose weight and keep it off?
Obesity is a problem of many people today. Even though it is considered a disease, many think that it is caused by laziness, bad eating habits, by not being informed of the possible dangers that await obese people etc. Partially, this is true. But, there are cases when metabolism is very slow and basically, most of the calories that are taken with food easily turn into fat (this situation is usually related to the medical issues connected to the thyroid gland).
Diets, exercising, supplements, surgery, this all covers the possibilities when it comes to losing weight. Diet is something that should be done in this situation because that is a good way for elimination of bad eating habits. There are two basic types, fast and slow diets. Some experts say that the ideal thing would be to use a fast diet for large initial weight loss, and after those couple of weeks, a person should switch to a slow and healthier diet. This diet is much more balanced and the fat burning process is less intensive than with fast diet, but it is not so strict and it can be applied for a long time. Actually, it should be applied until all fat is gone. This period, including fast and slow diet, should be more than enough for someone to get rid of bad eating habits. Junk food should be avoided, but it is not dangerous to enjoy in it occasionally.
Exercising is another great thing that should be done for fat elimination. Even though it might seem that intensive training sessions burn more calories, it is for the best to apply cardio workout for a long period, because it will require more energy. Weight lifting, for example, does put muscles under more strain than elliptical trainer, but the total amount of energy needed is much higher when using elliptical trainer for cardio workout. This is because cardio workout emphasizes constant motions with using arms and legs.
When it comes to keeping the weight normal, the point is in normal living, which means that when desired weight is reached, exercising and dieting should not be anything strict and rigorous, but moderate. There should be 5 healthy meals in a day, although eating something not so healthy is not a problem as long as it happens only from time to time, let's say once a week. Physical activity should be applied, but sometimes even a fast walk should be enough. With trying to subdue unhealthy living to a minimum, maintaining the normal weight should be easy.

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