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Exercising is not an easy task, but it can be if a person knows what he or she is doing. There are two basic directions in which exercising can go. One is focusing creation of lean muscles and the other is focusing increased muscle mass, so-called bulked up effect. So, how to get leanmuscles?


The best possible thing to do when someone needs to lose weight and increase muscle strength is to combine dieting and exercising. That will create enough difference between energy taken via food and energy spent for physical activity and the metabolism. Exercising can create lean or bulked up muscles. Bulked up muscles need additional weight made with resistance training. Additional weight in the form of dumbbells and barbells is the only way to constantly increase muscle mass. As for lean muscles, they will require performing exercises without any additional weight, only the body's weight should be enough.


When it comes to lean muscles, they require cardio training. This type of workout needs low strength level, which means that it can be done for a long time. Prolonged exercising will burn more fat tissue. Cardio exercising includes running, swimming, aerobics, exercises such as push-ups, abdominal forms (sit-ups, leg raising, and crunches), back exercises etc.

It is important to create a good workout plan that will develop all muscle groups. For example, in the beginning, all exercises should be done for activating the entire body. After some time, focusing certain muscle groups is allowed, meaning that one training session can include only crunches and all its forms. This session is very intensive one, it uses only body’s weight and it has a tremendous impact on the core (abdominal area and complementing back area). Still, many experts will tell that the best possible workout must include all possible exercises for activating the entire body. This will keep the metabolism active in all parts of the metabolism, which is excellent for both fat burning and muscle toning.

It is also important to rest properly and enough. Resting is essential because that is the period when the muscles develop the most. Some practitioners think that resting is just a waste of time and they exercise too much, which is not good, especially if a diet is included. And if there is no excessive fat tissue, energy will come from depleting muscles, which is not the point of exercising.

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