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What would be the best workout routine for those who want tolose some weight and also get in shape, creating some strong muscles along theway? It is obvious that more or less everyone knows basic stuff about thissubject, but there are also some workout routine and schedule tips for fitnesscraving beginners.


A lot depends on what a person actually wants fromexercising. If it is only weight reduction, then cardio workout will be morethan enough. However, if a person wants increased muscle mass, then that is exactlywhat that person will get in the end. Perhaps the best thing would be tocombine cardio with some muscle mass building, because that will not only eliminateextra fat tissue, but it will also make the body stronger. When a type of workout hasbeen chosen, the choice of exercises has to be made. More or less, this is up tothe practitioner, but it is important to try and activate all muscle groups.This is good choice with both, cardio and muscle mass workout. With cardio, itwill burn fat in all activated parts, which is much better than burning fat inone part only. It’s the same thing with muscle mass building. And do not thinkthat cardio is just about a fit body, because muscles are also becoming strong,although their shape is different than the shape of bulked up effect with muscle massbuilding.


At first, three times in a week should be enough for anypractitioner. Of course, as the time goes by, training sessions should be morefrequent and more intensive. This will burn out more calories, thus eliminatingmore fat tissue. Keeping the routine is important; having training sessionsperformed at exact same time should be done. This is because muscles need sometime for recovery and that is why schedule has to be maintained. Without wellrested muscles, next training session will simply not be effective. Also,routine will simply make the body an automatic machine, which will exercise moreeasily and without using so much energy. This is not a good thing sometimes,because fat tissue has to be eliminated for creating the needed energy. That is why, from time to time, it is a good thing to change the routine, to include someother workout type to make the muscles exert more and make them even strongerand endurable. And it has to be known that not only exercising should bescheduled, this also goes for eating, especially if some diet is involved.

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