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Gaining weight can be called a consequence of overeating and eating junk food. Losing this gained weight is needed for the body to regain its health, which is very important, especially in people who are suffering from obesity for a long time. When this happens, cardiovascular system suffers a lot and that might complicate things for heart later on, which in some cases, results with a heart attack. So, how to lose body fat in a healthy and natural way?

Healthy and natural

When these two words are mentioned, it has to be said that this is a slow process. This is logical because the increase of the weight did not happen in a matter of days, weeks or months. Usually, people take care up to a certain level when it comes to what they eat. But, over the years, extra pounds pile up slowly and therefore, no short time is enough for complete weight reduction. With some normal, healthy eating and increased physical activity, within couple of months results will be impressive. But a good plan is needed, the one which includes an intensive training schedule with nothing but healthy food on the plate.


Even though cardio workout does burn calories the most, all workout types will consume energy and therefore, they will help with the weight reduction process. This means that, as long as there is some increased physical activity present, everything should be fine. Perhaps the best thing would be to do something that a person likes, because it will have to last for some longer period. Also, the intensity of the physical activity will have to be increased at some point. This is crucial for continuing the fat burning process, which slows down or completely stops when the body becomes used to the exercises (muscles are stronger, motions performed easier, weight of the body is decreased etc.). Interesting training sessions would include both cardio workout and muscle toning. Cardio could be jogging (or spot jogging) for warm up and stretching, while later on, some dumbbells (nothing heavy) can be used.


A lot of people go ahead with fast diets, which offer loss of many pounds in the matter of days, two weeks top. It is obvious that these are rigorous diets, which usually decrease the allowed number of calories to a minimum. Although this definitely burns fat tissue, it is questionable how healthy it is. Putting the body in such a state, to be without calories, might probably create additional problems even though it has to be admitted that the weight will be eliminated. This points us to those cases where people use this type of diet for initial big weight loss and then continue with healthy and balanced eating.

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