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Torch body fat quickly with this strategic cardio workout

Burning fat tissue is essential for those who are struggling with obesity. When it comes to obese people, most of the excessive pounds come from extra fat tissue. There is also excessive water, but fat is the most important. The problem with fat is that it might cause certain medical issues, especially when obesity is present for a long time. So what can be done about it?


Increased physical activity should be the main thing done when it comes to losing weight. This is because exercising is natural and it will not harm the organism in any way, it can only bring positive effects. Also, not all workout types are that good for losing weight. Cardio workout should be used more than any other exercise by people who need to reduce weight. This is because it burns the most calories out of all types of workout.

How is that possible? Cardio workout uses low level of strength and focuses enhancement of the cardiovascular system. Cardio workout can be done with high and low intensity. For beginners, the recommended intensity should be set at a low level until the body becomes used to that tempo. At that moment, the tempo should be increased to keep the fat burning process up and running.

Is there a difference between low and high intensity cardio training session? Well, yes and no. Both are excellent in elimination of calories but high intensity might take less time for the same result, though of course, a lot more effort is needed, so this is not recommended for those people who suffer from extreme obesity or are injured in any way. The point is that low intensity training session will not burn the calories immediately, at least 10 to 15 minutes of working out is needed. Fat burning process starts almost immediately with intensive cardio workout but since it is intensive, it lasts much shorter. So, what can be done here?


Combine low and high intensive training and torch body fat quickly with this strategic cardio workout. This means that after couple of minutes of warming up and stretching, intensive cardio should be applied immediately and performed as long as a person can do it. After this period, intensity should be decreased to a low level, but since starting period has passed, fat burning process has already started and it is simply continuing now. These are basics of interval training. This type of training combines several different intensity levels for creating the best results when it comes to elimination of excessive pounds. Simplest example for this training session would be combining jogging and sprinting.       

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