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Ab workouts for women

Having a fit and attractive body is something that everyone desires and the only thing that prevents people from gaining that body is time. Most of people have too many daily obligations, both men and women, and that simply does not leave much time for exercising. But knowing that there are many positive effects of increased physical activity, it would be smart to reschedule the weekly planner and squeeze in couple of training sessions.

Exercising for women

It might be a bit more difficult for women to keep the body constantly in shape because of the pregnancy period and because of menstrual cycles. Exercises used for shaping a female body are more or less same as for men. When it comes to ab workouts for women, they include sit-ups, crunches and leg raising. These are basic forms that should be done by a beginner.

  1. Sit-ups – this exercise requires a practitioner lying down on the back. Arms can be put aside, crossed over chest or with hands behind the head, while legs are straight or bent in the knees. All that is required is raising the torso towards legs and back on the floor. This basic form has so many different variations that the entire abdominal region can be perfected. For example, top position of the torso varies, so if the angle is lower than 90 degrees, the exercise can be done faster. Also, legs can be bent in knees in different angles. With three different positions of arms, it is obvious that there are many forms of this exercise.
  2. Crunches – the same starting position is necessary but this time, the knees and torso are moving one to another. In the upper position, this will require balancing body on the gluteal muscles only, which requires a lot of strength. This means that it might not be the ideal starting form for those who just started with exercising, but later on, this is definitely something that has to be done
  3. Leg raising – again, the starting position is the same, but this time legs are going up. Legs can be straight or bent in knees. This one and crunches are excellent for lower abs with some small impact on upper abs, while sit-ups are great for the upper abdomen.


Running, swimming, aerobics, yoga, treadmill, elliptical trainer, these are some of the things that should be done for the overall great body shape, including the abdominal area and especially if there is some extra fat tissue present.     

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