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Perfecting the abdominal area is one of the most difficult things. In order to create an impressive six pack, you must start by exercising, dieting, and taking supplements. This is required, along with determination, discipline and some faith.


Why is cardio workout important for the abdominal area? This area usually accumulates more fat tissue than most of the other areas in the body and that is why the fat burning process here has to be more emphasized. Also, it would be a shame for developed abs not to be seen because of the fat layer covering them. Cardio workout, even though it might seem that it does not target abs directly, can be every effective for those muscles. For example, jumping with raising knees is a powerful exercise for lower abs. Starting position is standing with feet in the shoulder width, hands are in front and a jump is performed. While in air, knees are lifted as high as possible. Also, when landing, the torso should bend a bit. In order to make this exercise even more effective, a person should try to maintain a constant muscle contraction in the lower abdominal area. It is not easy, but it can be done. Another exercise is jumping with rotating torso as much as possible to both sides. This is good for the lower and side abs. There are also standard exercises like push ups (even though it might not seem to be related to abs). In this case, the contraction of abdominal muscles ensures a straight body, with legs and torso in one line, which is important for a proper performing of push ups.


Lower ab workouts for men and women must include standard exercises common for the abdominal region and those are sit ups, crunches and leg raising. Some experts mention that crunches might be the most important, because they affect the entire abdominal area, and not only the lower part. Of course, lower abs are especially focused with crunches and leg raising. Crunches are performed by raising the legs and torso at the same time from a starting position. There are several forms of this exercise that should be used. For example, performing bicycle motions with legs, while torso is held in air at the 45 degrees angle from the floor. If crunches are a bit hard, which might be the case with a beginner, leg raising with torso on floor should be done. The effect is not as great as with crunches, but it is still a good way to enhance the abdominal area.

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