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What are the best fat burning workouts and exercises for burning body fat? Is it only cardio, or are there any other workout types that should be done? Basically, even though cardio exercising should burn the fat mostly, there are other things that may be applied in order to strengthen the body and to shape it into an attractive figure.


Cardio is all about doing one continuous motion for a long time (jogging, for example) or performing many reps in a set (10 to 15 with using no weight or low weight). Cardio activates most of the body and muscles and therefore, fat burning process is very intensive. This is why cardio workout is included in most of the training sessions, not only as a warm up part (which may last from 5 to 15 minutes). Next part of the training can be intensified cardio, muscle mass building, or something in between.


For burning fat, when it comes to upper part of the body, push-ups are an excellent exercise. The point of push-ups is that they can be done in numerous variations and those different forms will ensure that each muscle in this area will be developed and that the entire region will be affected by fat burning process. There are several things that should be known about push-ups. It is very important for the spine and legs to be in the straight line and to keep that line like that all the time. When that is not possible, the body starts to bend and it is obvious that exercising should stop. Changing the distance between palms on the floor will change the focus from one muscle group to another (long distance will shift focus towards shoulders, while short distance focuses triceps). Push-ups can be done using only one hand, or fingers instead of palms.

Next important exercises are called sit ups and crunches. These two are focusing lower and upper abdominal region and they should be done for belly fat reduction, but also for strengthening the core, which is important for having a normal posture. When these exercises are done, a practitioner should be on the floor with back down. Legs can be stretched or bent in knees. Arms can be resting on the floor next to torso, crossed over chest, or with fingers crossed behind the neck. Important thing here is not to bend the head towards chest, which means that neck and spine must be in the same line. This position is required to avoid possible neck injury.

When it comes to legs, lunges and squats should be done. These are excellent exercises for toning the leg muscles, although squats are great for both core and upper body, especially if extra weight is added in the form of barbell.

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