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What is the thing that many people think about when winter slowly leaves and the first signs of spring begin to emerge? The abs, of course! So, get rid of your belly fat – the summer is approaching! What must be done in order to reduce the fat accumulated during passive winter days?


A plan has to be made depending on the current physical shape of a person in need of the perfect abs. To really reach that perfect shape, a lot has to be done in a relatively short time. A plan must include both dieting and increased physical activity. They have to complement each other to ensure that enough energy will be in the organism for proper functioning, but still low enough for the fat burning process to be always present and active.

Cardio workout should be applied by those who have problems with extreme obesity. Cardio does not need much strength and that is why it can be performed for a long time, ensuring a high number of burned calories. Cardio workout includes jogging, swimming, all sorts of aerobics (step aerobics, jazzercise, water aerobics), pilates etc. The use of light weights can be also considered as cardio, and push-ups too. Lean muscles are the result of cardio workout, while bulked up effect is created with the help of resistance training (with the use of additional weights).

Resistance training can also reduce the fat tissue, but less than cardio workout. This is even more emphasized when it comes to weight, because increased muscle mass has its own weight. This means that overall weight of the body will not be reduced much if the muscles are becoming bigger.


Since abs are important here, exercises that tone those muscles must be performed. Sit-ups should be done, crunches and leg raises also. Crunches might be the most effective because they affect the entire abdominal area with a focus on lower abs. Crunches are performed with a practitioner lying on the back and with legs stretched. Torso and legs are raised at the same time, while arms are usually held crossed over chest or behind the neck. Legs can be straight or bent in knees. There are also several variations of this exercise and they all should be done in order to tone the area completely.

Creating perfect abs is not easy because a lot has to be done; eating should be controlled maximally, without any junk food and overeating. Physical activity must be proper and intense. With this regime, there should be enough time to create an attractive body before the first trip to a beach or swimming pool.

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