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When it comes to the abdominal region, it is one of the most demanding areas to perfect and develop. This area is even more important because it is one of the most desirable areas on both male and female body. If flat abdominal region with no fat and with toned muscles is there, then practically nothing else is needed for the beach! But, how to get flat abs in no time, after long and passive winter?


Time for creating flat abs depends on the individual, the physical condition and also on the willingness of the person - how much effort he or she is willing to put out for gaining the results. To get flat abs in no time, exercises and dieting must be combined. When it comes to eating, no junk food is allowed and also there should be as many meals as possible with small amount of food in each meal. This will ensure fast digestion, which is great for the basal metabolism. Also, the diameter of the intestines will decrease and that will reduce the diameter of the belly, which is the goal too. As for types of food that should be taken, there must be fruits, veggies, healthy meat (white poultry meat, tuna etc.), a lot of fibers for easy digestion, whole grains, low fat milk etc.


Cardio and focusing exercises should be applied as much as possible. Cardio workout is excellent for reducing fat tissue from all body areas, including the abdominal region. As for targeting exercises, there are crunches and sit ups. Crunches are one of the most demanding form, especially when they are done properly. In that case, hands are crossed behind the neck and legs are straight. From a lying position with back on the floor, a practitioner raises torso and legs, with closing the distance between them as much as possible. To increase the effect, tempo of this exercise should be changed all the time.

This is also important because it presents a new challenge for the muscles. This will make the exercise always hard, which is needed for better final result. Of course, there are several variations of crunches, so-called bicycle motions (torso is held in the mid air while legs are pedaling), side crunches (very difficult but excellent for side abs, love handles) etc. There are also hanging leg raises and even additional weight might be put on the stomach for more toning. How to get flat abs in no time – exercise as much as you can and eat only healthy food and the results will come!

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