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Losing excessive fat can be done through exercising. Even though it is one of the most effective methods, it is also one of the hardest. Still, not only fat loss is achieved through exercising, the body becomes well shaped and strong, among other things. Also, there are some areas that need more attention when it comes to fat reduction, and exercising is the only solution here. This goes for belly pot, so some focusing forms have to be applied. How to lose pot belly? Exercising and dieting is needed.


Belly pot can be eliminated by using some specific exercises but also, cardio workout should be applied in the form of jogging and aerobics, for example. Mentioned belly pot exercises include forms that target the abdominal muscles and are based on sit ups and crunches. Actually, crunches should be the most effective for this problem. They are performed with a practitioner lying on the back with arms set aside torso. Arms can be put in several different positions, which also affects the intensity of exercising. Arms can be crossed over chest area or positioned behind the head (the hardest position for exercising), and legs are stretched, in a normal position. Regular crunches require raising legs and torso at the same time, with closing them together as much as possible.

There are numerous variations of this basic form, for example, legs can be bent in knees for beginners. Also, legs can be elevated slowly or quickly, which also affects the belly differently. Furthermore, legs may be moved to the side while bent in knees so that the left leg is on the floor completely (if legs are moved to the left, for example). In this position, torso can be raised, which is excellent for side abdominal muscles.

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Another interesting option is hanging leg raising. This is done with the help of the pull up (or chin up) bar. A practitioner's body hangs with the bar grabbed by hands and stretched arms. Legs can also be relaxed or bent in knees, which is sometimes required because the bar is not positioned high enough. From this position, leg raising is done, which is more effective than standard crunches because the entire torso and arms are active in the process. Also, there is no floor as a sort of leverage, which body uses for easier exercising.

For creating the best possible effect, exercising has to be combined with some healthy dieting. Healthy means that no starvation is allowed, training sessions do not allow it. Additionally, only healthy food is allowed in the menu, rich in all nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

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