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Reducing the excessive weight does not have to be strenuous and hard, but getting rid of belly fat quickly and easily at the same time might be a bit hard. Excessive weight, if there is a lot of it, usually accumulates more in the stomach area. Actually, this is where more fat is accumulated as a defense mechanism. This mechanism is explained with the organism trying to store as much fat as possible in that particular area, which happens when a person eats too much and makes the organism completely confused.

Elimination of fat

This happens with two basic methods. One is controlling the intake of food and the other is increasing the rate of physical activity. Increased physical activity will help greatly in the task of getting rid of the belly fat quickly. This happens with using cardio workout and also exercises that target the abdominal area only. Cardio workout is based on using low level of strength and no additional weight. This enables the normal inflow of oxygen in the cells and its active role in the muscle contraction process. Exercises included in cardio are based on running, swimming, aerobics etc. Starting the fat burning process requires depleted amount of glycogen, which will then initiate this mechanism. Cardio is good for all body areas, including the belly fat.

As for the focusing exercises, they include crunches and leg raising as the basic ones. Crunches are performed with a person lying on the floor. Legs are stretched, or they can be bent in knees with arms set aside. Pulling the torso up and also the knees towards the torso is required in order to perform the exercise correctly. As for arms, they are set aside for a beginner. An advanced practitioner should hold the arms on the chest, while others should hold the arms behind, crossed behind the head.


As for food, the first thing to do is to eliminate junk food . Then a person should start with healthy and balanced diet. What does that mean? There should be at least 5 meals and it has to be healthy food, fruits, vegetables, healthy meat (poultry, fish), low fat dairy products and food that contains a lot of fibers. This last food is needed in order to speed up the digestion, which will also reduce the energy needed for this process. Also, the amount of food should be decreased, which will directly reduce the diameter of intestines and belly.

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