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Abdominal region is one of the toughest to perfect but having a perfect six pack is one of the most important things that people want to achieve when they start exercising. The answer to a question – how to get a six pack in a week – is relatively simple, it is not impossible, but only provided there is no excessive fat present and some toning is all that is needed. Creating a fit and strong abdominal area with too much fat tissue present in the region requires much more time. 


It might not be possible to do it in a week, but a lot can be achieved within a couple of weeks, a month of rigorous training sessions and dieting might show some great results. When it comes to exercising, it is important to implement cardio workout if there is too many extra pounds present. Cardio workout can increase the intensity of the fat burning process, because oxygen is present in the muscle contraction process. Contraction of muscles happens slowly and oxygen has a role of preventing fast accumulation of lactic acid (according to many experts, lactic acid exhausts muscles). As for the forms, running, swimming, and aerobics can be performed for weight reduction process. 

As for exercises that focus the abdominal area, there are sit-ups, crunches and leg raising. Sit-ups are excellent for upper abs, while leg raising is more for lower abs. Crunches are excellent for the entire abdomen. When it comes to a perfect training session for getting those killer abs, it simply has to be all about these exercises. It can start with warming up part, which might include spot jogging splashed with knee jumps. Even though it does not look like it, it is an excellent thing for building up the core. When jumping, while torso is going up, the knees are lifted as much as possible. This extra effort is what builds up lower abs and thighs too. When landing, it is important to finish in a position with legs bent in knees and torso slightly bent forward. When this is done, crunches should be the main focus of the session, side crunches, cross crunches, bicycle crunches etc. All of this has to be done in order to get a perfect abdominal area. While performing crunches, it is important to keep the hands crossed behind the head, but without pushing the head towards the chest. The neck and head have to be in a straight line with the spine all the time, in order to prevent a possible injury.

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