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How to lose 10 pounds quickly

People always wonder how come they did not succeed in losing those pounds with a fast diet, after 10 days, or two weeks. Pounds were lost initially, but they returned after a while. How did that happen? Is it even possible to lose some weight in a short time? How to lose 10 pounds quickly?

Methods for losing weight

Fast diet is the only way to lose some significant weight in a short time. It might seem that those diets are not healthy, and there might be some truth in that. Perhaps this is why all fast diets generally do not last for more than two weeks, or that is a recommended maximum. Problems with this type of diets are that people do not have much time to completely forget all about bad eating habits, which brought obesity in the first place. And when a diet is over, people try to eat regularly, but somehow they return to old eating habits and then the pounds also return.

In order to try and keep away those lost pounds, some things need to be changed. A lot of water has to be taken each day. Water will help in reducing the hunger simply by filling the stomach. When the stomach is half-filled with water, not a lot of food can be inserted. Also, there has to be at least 5 meals in a day; three major and couple of snacks, at least two, for keeping the hunger away. Eating is necessary because if we reduce the number of meals, the body will automatically try to preserve the fat tissue.

Fast diets

Losing fat tissue quickly requires a fast fad diet. Those diets are characterized by low values of calories that are taken each day. There are several types of those diets and one of those is Atkins diet. In this diet, the use of proteins is emphasized, while carbs are reduced to the minimum. The source of proteins is usually meat, and that is why Atkins diet is popular with those who like meat. Atkins and similar diets are very strict and rigorous and last shortly.

When deciding whether to use a fast diet or not, it might be wise to see a doctor and maybe perform some blood tests in order to see if there is any obstacle that might create additional problems when a diet starts. Also, some people simply cannot use some diets because of certain underlying conditions that are already present.   


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