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Nowadays not many people are paying attention to how healthy their nutrition is. More and more junk food is being consumed despite all thewarnings of how they are hazardous for the health and people claim they are tobusy to make time for any kind of physical activity. Therefore, one of thegrowing problems of the modern society is obesity. However, even when peoplestart resenting their weight and decide to do something about it, rarely dothey decide to make a complete lifestyle change. They rather try to find aquick solution to lose as many pounds possible in as little time.

Can 5 pounds really be lost in a matter of 2 days?

Should one consider trying out a diet regime which wouldallow them to lose 5 pounds in 2 days, the most important thing to keep in mindis that this diet should not be regarded as a repetitive thing. That means thatwhile it’s acceptable to undergo the regime every once in a while, one shoulddefinitely not make a habit out of it because it isn’t very healthy and itmight provoke various conditions like anemia or anorexia.

That being said, ways to lose weight in this manner trulyexist, but one should know that upon returning to one’s regular eating habits,that weight is likely to return pretty fast. This is because the first coupleof pounds that are lost in any diet regime usually represent the water weightand not any real fat, therefore, they are not that permanent.

Ways to lose 5 pounds in 2 days

The only way to lose weight this way is simply to renouncethe majority of foods for those couple of days. Naturally, the first thing togo away is greasy, processed food filled with saturated fats. Also, food thatis based on carbohydrates is to be completely left out as well. While theconsumption of dairy products does not necessarily have to be completely leftout, it should be reduced to a minimum and when consumed, it’s important tomake sure that the food is low-fat.

Basically, the only things that are welcome to eat thosecouple of days are fresh fruits and vegetables and boiled fish or lean meat.The intake of proteins is very important, particularly because this regime isborderline starvation, and proteins are the biggest energy booster amongnutritious elements.

Hydration is also essential and water should be drunk asmuch as possible during the day.

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