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Healthy life can be achieved in only a few methods, while destroying that same health might happen in many ways, so therefore, people should be cautious when it comes to maintaining a healthy state of their bodies and minds. Fortunately, it is not so difficult to live healthy although there are some basic principles that have to be honored.


First thing that most of us think of when diet is mentioned is starvation. But that is not what diet is actually about. Reducing the number of calories forces the body to turn to other energy sources, and those include already existing fat tissue. The problem is that, if a diet is too strict a body also depletes proteins, which results in reduced muscle mass. This means that a diet needs to be balanced in order to be healthy, which might prove to be a somewhat slow method of losing weight. Still, for those who need quick results and who are ready to disregard what might happen to health, fad diets exists.


The most important fad diet statistic revolves around the number of days this type of diet may be used. Many will say that 7 is enough; a week of quick and effective dieting, which will reduce body mass (fat, proteins, everything). This might not be the healthiest method for losing weight, but it is effective, and since it is short and intake of calories is very small, there is a danger of returning the lost pounds fast, when normal eating habits return.

As for some examples, we will mention cabbage soup diet as one of the healthier fad diets. Healthier means there are a lot of vitamins and minerals in that soup, but people make a mistake and make soup for several days, which is not good. In this way, minerals and vitamins degrade and the nutrition value of the soup decreases. It might be a bother to make it each day of the diet, but that should last only a week. The point of this diet is that you have three meals with soup as a snack and as something you can eat (or drink) as much as you want each time you feel hunger. It practically has no calories and it might be prepared to be a very tastymeal.

Another interesting and a few years back very popular diet is Atkins diet, which excludes carbs almost completely from meals, with proteins as main nutrient (usually taken with meat). No matter what diet is used, it has to be mentioned again that these are short-term diets, a lot of pounds can be lost, but if not careful, those pounds can be gained back relatively quickly.

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