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One thing is always worrying people who are about to use some diet – how much time will be needed for weight reduction to happen? It has to be said that there are ways to lose the some weight in a relatively shorter time, but the health status of those methods is questionable.

Fast diets for losing weight

How to lose weight in a week – perhaps the answers to this question is in fast diets. These diets emphasize very low intake of carbohydrates and fats, which will create a big difference between the energy needed for performing all daily activities and the energy that comes from eating. This type of diet is generally allowed to be used for not more than two weeks because some toxic products can be created in the organism, which might be very harmful. Among those more interesting and popular fast diets are Atkins diet and cabbage soup diet. Both are based on minimum intake of carbohydrates, while Atkins also emphasizes increased use of proteins (which makes this an excellent diet for all those who enjoy eating meat). Cabbage soup does not have so much protein, but it has a lot of fibers and vitamins, which is a good thing.

Exercising for losing weight

It is questionable what results can be achieved with exercising when it comes to weight reduction in a short time. Exercising will definitely burn some fat, but how much fat will be burned, that depends on the physical intensity of the training session and also on the type of exercising. Experts will say that cardio exercise should be used for some quick weight reduction. Some good plan would include cabbage soup diet and two cardio training sessions a day. But it is very important for those exercises to be very light because of the low intake of calories. Increased physical activity will require some additional energy source and that is where fat burning process starts. One cardio session can be a brisk walk that lasts at least 30 minutes. The other training session can include aerobic exercises only.

Cleansing for losing weight

Colon cleansing is something that could be scheduled for a final day of the week of reducing weight. It will definitely help with losing some pounds, but there are also some other positive effects of this method. Those are increased energy and rejuvenation of the intestinal walls. Also, since the colon is emptied, the diameter of the intestines will reduce and that will decrease the stomach, or belly.

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