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We all hear about the healthy way to lose weight, about things needed to do for our organism to become healthy, great looking and strong. But, how to lose weight quickly? What are the options when pounds have to disappear quickly with no regarding to health?


Fad diets are something that should be considered when we want to lose pounds quickly. Those diets cannot be called unhealthy, but if there is no caution, health might be affected. Let’s take Atkins diet for example, which is all about the intake of proteins and not taking carbohydrates. Actually, carbs are allowed, but not more than 20, 30 grams per day, which is a bare minimum. With the low intake of carbs, additional energy sources in the organism have to be activated and those are fat cells. The problem is that the process of turning fat to glucose has additional side effects, creation of the unwanted substances that might cause medical problems if created in big amounts. Glucose in our organism is needed because it is the only nutrient that can be used by some organs, such as brain for example, which is why there is that minimum amount of carbs included in this diet. Couple of years ago Atkins diet lost its popularity, but it seems that it is regaining its position among people that use diets constantly.

Another interesting diet is a cabbage soup diet. Main dish here is cabbage soup, which is used in several meals and can be used whenever hunger strikes. This diet also emphasizes low intake of calories and it should be healthy, since there are many vitamins and minerals in that soup, which will maintain the electrolyte and vitamin balance. This is needed to keep the metabolism active but still in a normal range.

Physical activity

To increase the value of the lost calories even more, physical activity is needed. If a diet is very strict, activity should not be serious and hard, because the energy deficiency will become simply too much for the organism, and exhaustion and starvation might happen. But, if a physical activity is moderate, it can only speed up the weight reduction process.

Since health might be the problem with fast diets, it would be a wise thing to visit a doctor first, before starting anything. Even though those diets do not last for long, they still might cause some problems for our organism, so medical consultation should take place.

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