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There are many different diets available today, but somehowpeople always choose those that offer losing many pounds in a shortest period.Let's assume that this is because of the modern age we are living in, where theefficacy is measured with the time needed to achieve some success. Even thoughthere is logic to this kind of thinking, it cannot be applied to dieting andeating in general. This is because all changes that happen to our organismshould not be drastic, but gradual. This goes for weight reduction too becausegaining weight usually takes years, and it is impossible to lose it in ahealthy way in a matter of weeks.

Fast diets

Those weeks are applying to fast, fad diets. All of those dietssay that losing high number of pounds is possible and in a short period of time- not more than two weeks. The problem with these diets is in the fact thatusually, when a diet is gone, after a while, all those lost pounds returnagain. How does that happen? Most of those diets are based on small intake ofcarbohydrates. So, what does no carbohydrate diet info tells us? It tells usthat reducing carbs to a minimum will start a weight reduction process by starting aprocess called ketosis. In that process, since there are no calories that aregotten with carbs, the energy has to be acquired from somewhere else, and thatsomewhere is supposed to be fat. This is a logical thinking, but the problem isthat ketosis does not only burn fat, but proteins too in a search of enough amountsof energy for the organism to function properly. Not only that, a lot of poundsare lost with releasing the excessive water from the organism. The point hereis in eating habits. When a fast diet is over, people think that even if theyreturn to old eating habits, pounds lost will remain lost, which is not thetruth. Carbohydrates are essential for feeding the brain and blood cells, so they have to be included in a menu. They can be reduced, but not too much. One of thebetter sides of fast, no carbohydrate diets is that those are usually based onthe intake of proteins, so they are popular among all those meat lovers.

Balanced diet

Opposite to no carbohydrate diet, there is a healthy,balanced meal. This is a type of eating that should be applied by everyone. It ismore of a healthy way of eating, far from starvation, rich with all the needednutrients.

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