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It is not easy to say why some people are reluctant to performexercises and turn only to diets when it comes to losing weight. This especiallygoes for women, although today there is not a big difference between the numberof men and women in gyms. Still, the fact remain that for some people, the diet isthe only thing that can be done for reducing weight. Is that really true?

Yes and no. When it comes to dieting, people forget that the same willpower and mental strength are needed for keeping up with a diet as in agym for keeping up with exercises. Also, there is always a risk that, whendieting is over, the lost pounds will come back when normal eating starts. Whatdoes this mean? Dieting must be made with a careful planning, and also when the diet is over, healthy meals should be included in a menu and nothing else.

Types of diet

Diets are usually divided into fast ones, which should not beapplied for more than a week, and the long ones, which are basically healthyeating and nothing more. Fast fad diets include eating very small amount ofcalories, especially, those that come from carbohydrates. Usually, there arefive meals in a day, because it is very important to defeat the hunger that will come at some point. Some examples for this type would be Atkins andcabbage soup diet. While Atkins is all about the intake of proteins while carbs areat a bare minimum, cabbage soup is all about having cabbage soup as something thatcould be eaten whenever hunger is present, and also about having very smallmeals with minimum of all nutrients. Most of those nutrients are actually inthat cabbage soup, so it always has to be freshly cooked.

Medifast diet

Medifast diet overview says that this is one of the mostefficient diets used today. It is based on the intake of proteins and healthyfats, while the intake of calories is heavily controlled, which ensures that thefat burning process in the body will start. This type of the diet is especiallygood for those who suffer from diabetes (diabetes patients should keep a glucoselevel in blood as low as possible). There are 6 meals in a day, and there iseven a full menu with 70 different meals to choose from when using this diet. This all means that dieting should not be strict andrigorous at least when it comes to flavors. Some rules have to be followed, butit is for the best, since the results will come in time.

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