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When it comes to dieting, people think that the only thingneeded is to survive through the period of dieting and that pounds lost withthat diet will remain lost. Sadly, that is not the case most of the time.

Short term diets

There are the two basic types of diets, short term and longterm. Diets can also be divided by the nutrient reduced in meal. Short termdiets, also called fad diets are effective methods for losing weight. A niceexample is cabbage soup diet. It is a diet consisting of meals based onvegetables and fruits, with meat and carbs in traces, literally. Main meal iscabbage soup, which is used as main course, and also it can be eaten (or drank)each time hunger strikes. This diet allows really minimum amount of calories tobe inserted into organism and that means that fat burning process will startquickly. This is a diet that should not last for long, not more than 10 days,two weeks the most. Even though very poor in carbs, there are a lot of vitaminsand minerals, especially in cabbage and therefore, it is a relatively healthydiet. When we say relatively, we mean that the limit of two weeks in not setfor nothing. After that time, it is possible that not only fat burning processwill continue, but the energy needed for normal functioning will be gained fromdegradation of proteins (muscles). Theproblem with this type of diet is that the pounds might return quickly. This isbecause some transition period is needed after a fast diet. Returning to oldhabits will only create a problem and even more pounds can be gained.

Longterm diets

Long-term diet is what people should focus on. They includeonly healthy food in all menus, but the amount is not at minimum, it isactually, what a person would normally eat. With including 5 meals (eaten alwaysat the same time), the body will get used to a certain regime, and will learn toeat only in certain times. With many meals, hunger should never present aproblem. It is also important to say that this type of diets includes all needednutrients (proteins, carbs, fats and vitamins). After a while, when a body getsused to this type of eating, certain tweaking is allowed, for exampleslightly (but only slightly) reducing fats and carbs, which will lead to weightreduction.

So to answer the question - what's the quickest way to loseweight in one week? A fast, fad diet has to be used. Will the lost poundsreturn? Unfortunately, that happens very, very often.

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