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It is not easy to lose so many extra pounds in a short period, after years of accumulating fat tissue. And not only fat is the problem, but there are many toxins and excessive water which are not healthy for organism either. People try to reduce problematic weight in many ways but sometimes it is better just to try to live and eat healthy and slim body will come.


Two basic methods are almost always used, physical activity and reduction of meals aka diets. When it comes to physical activity, people often make mistakes thinking that it is all about strong muscles. Increased muscle mass does help with physical activity, but for overall health, cardiovascular exercises are better than exercises that include lifting weight. And also, people think that exercising allows intake of increased calories value, which is simply not the case.

Diets are perhaps the most effective and most nerve consuming methods for dealing with extra fat. Reducing meals really helps, because it lowers the number of calories gained from the food. There are diets with focus on just one nutrient, and they might not be the best possible solutions, since our bodies do require all major nutrients for normal functioning. Atkins diet is an example of such a diet, which emphasizes the use of meat, while carbs are at a minimum.

Colon cleansing

Diet colon cleansing for significant weight loss is another interesting solution. Food taken in this diet speeds up the metabolism, which helps the intestines work quickly and efficiently. This diet recommends eating fruit for breakfast and for snacks until lunch time. Specific fruits have a lot of fibers that are ideal for colon cleansing. Most of the fruits does not have many calories and because of the mentioned fibers they fill the stomach, thus preventing hunger. Since, carbs have been taken before lunch, proteins are recommended for lunch. Also, proteins and carbs should not be mixed, simply because different enzymes are used to digest those two nutrients and there might be some chemical reaction between those enzymes. This prevents digestion to be complete and effective. Taking fluids as much as possible is another element of this diet, although this is something that should be a normal habit, diet or not. Instead of water, green tea can be used, but it should not replace water completely.

Diets should be as healthy as possible. Losing weight is stressful enough for organism; there is no need for rigorous and strict rules that can exhaust us, both mentally and physically.

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