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Losing weight is a simple process for some, while othershave to spend a lot of the money, nerves and time and still are not able to achievesuccess. Why is that? First of all, it might be possible that when we thinkabout losing weight too much and stress ourselves a lot about it, we simply donot have the wanted results, because we are never satisfied with the achieved.When losing weight, the most important thing to remember is that it is a process that needs time, a lot of it. Sure, there are diets that will help with fast loss ina short time, but those pounds have a returning tendency, especially when the dietis over.


It can be said that dieting is all about calories, the amount that we take via food, as well as the amount that we spend through normal activities and someadditional exercises. It is said that women should not take less than 1200calories a day, while that number is raised to 1800 for men. That is the absoluteminimum, and going lower than that cannot be called healthy. Also, thedifference between the input and output of calories should be at about 500 for anormal, slow and healthy weight reduction. Of course, it is important to further reduce the calorieintake to lose weight if obesity is serious, but as already said, some limits have to be set. For example, if the reduction of calories is veryhigh, not only fat, but proteins degradation will start and some toxic substances in the organism might emerge. Starvation is never a healthy way toreduce weight. Finally, the excessive weight was built up over the years and it wouldbe illogical to expect from it to be gone in a matter of months, even weeks.


There are diets that fight the weight with fast and stricteating regime. Some of those are effective, Atkins diet for example, but thequestion of health safety rises here. Atkins diet emphasizes the intake of proteins,while carbohydrates are reduced to a bare minimum. This does activate the fatburning process, but it might create a problem since the brain uses glucose from the carbohydrates only. Anyway, the problem with this diet actually occurs when the diet is over. Many simply cannot maintain the new weight and some of thepounds, if not all, return, which is why it is much better to create a healthymenu with a slight reduction of carbs and fat, and weight loss will happen,slowly but steadily and healthy.

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