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Dieting today should not present much of a problem, at leastwhen it comes to choosing a right diet. There are so many diets available, that itshould not be that difficult to find one that could actually help. People donot understand that even while on a diet, eating should not be a torture, butalso a nice experience for our senses.

Types of diet

We can say that there are 2 basic diet types. The one that isall about creating healthy meals with enough nutrients for the organism, but withslightly less calories value, just enough for a fat burning process to start.These diets are called healthy because they do not put much strain on the bodyand hunger is not a problem. Unfortunately, losing weight with this diet is aslow process. Second type is called fad diet, and it is about losing a lot in ashort time, not regarding health much. These last for not more than a week, anda lot of pounds can be lost. The problem is that, besides the fat, muscles are lost, too. Thesediets are based on a very low intake of calories. For example, Atkins dietallows eating all types of meat and other protein sources, while intake ofcalories is reduced to a minimum.


There are some other types of diets that also might prove tobe effective. Example is a low fat high protein diet that revolves around the intake of proteins and taking in minimum of other nutrients, especially, fats andcarbohydrates. Theoretically, this is a good diet, and no calories from fats andcarbs will ensure no additional fat creation. This type of a diet might prove tobe very effective, especially for those that are into bodybuilding. Bodybuildersneed proteins for increasing muscle mass, although that can also be done withthe help of supplements, which are especially used for competitions. This dietemphasizes the intake of meat, especially the healthy types, like chicken, turkey, tunafish etc., but also other protein sources like egg whites for example. Ofcourse, this diet allows eating a lot of vegetables, which is always welcomed,thanks to the amount of minerals and vitamins contained in veggies. Fruits arealso ok, since they contain healthy sugar, but there should not be any exaggeration,because some fruits are very rich with carbs. Dieting is greatly complemented with exercising. Once thisis understood, losing weight process will be transferred to a much higherlevel, with much better results.

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