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Calorie restriction diet plan

Losing extra pounds can be done in two basic ways, with the help of exercising and with the help of a diet. If applied properly, both methods can be very effective, and if the right combination is used, the results can be even more impressive.


There are many different sorts of diets in the world today, but they are all based on one thing – reduced number of the calories. Each calorie restriction diet plan must contain enough nutrients for satisfying the basic needs of the organism, but not too much, because that will disrupt the fat burning process. This process begins when the intake of calories is not producing enough energy for all daily activities, including the exercising. There are two forms of dieting, a fast diet and a healthy balanced diet. Both are based on reduced intake of calories, although reduced value of calories is much higher in fast diets.

FAD diets

Fast or fad diets usually last for about two weeks. This is the maximum, because fast diets are not one hundred percent healthy. What does that mean? When extra energy is needed, it is acquired from glycogen from its reserves. When glycogen is depleted, fat burning process start. Sometimes, this process also affects proteins, and some toxic substances can be created, which can be very harmful. Usually, the calories intake is based on proteins, while carbs and fats are reduced to minimum. Perfect example of this diet is Atkins diet, which is great for all those who enjoy meat. Level of carbohydrates is very low, just enough to satisfy organism's basic needs and therefore, the diet might be very effective.

The only problem with this and similar diets is that after it is over, another diet must be started. This time it is something less strict and with higher value of calories, but it is still a controlled eating. The reason why it is very important is related to the fact that many people return to old eating habits after fast diet is gone and in that case, the lost pounds might return after a while.

Healthy, balanced diet is a second type of diets and it is much more suitable for those people who are prepared to completely change their bad eating habits. Calories restriction diet plan must include healthy food simply because the amount of energy gained is low, so food inserted must contain vitamins and minerals as much as possible. So, it is obvious that fruits and vegetables must be consumed in large quantities.

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