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Atkins diet combined with positive thinking

Only one thing is actually needed when a person wants to reduce weight with dieting, and that is positive thinking. Losing weight is not a fast process, it will take some time, patience and sacrifice. Since those extra pounds did not come over night, surely they cannot be eliminated in a matter of days. Dieting, exercising, supplements and a strong mind are needed to succeed.


Two basic forms of diets can be used and one of them is a fast, crash or a fad diet. This type of diet usually lasts for a short time, not more than couple of weeks. Reason for that is in a fact that fast diets are not as healthy as diets should be, and they are certainly less healthy than the other type, a slow, balanced diet. This is because these diets are based on a very low intake of calories, which is achieved by significantly reducing the intake of carbohydrates or fats, or both. Since those are the main sources of energy, it is obvious that body needs to find additional energy sources and that is fat tissue. Fat burning process might also create some side products, which are potentially dangerous for the organism. Those toxins are especially threatening for the brain and the cells included in bloodstream. This is why these diets should not last very long. It has to be admitted, fast diets are effective, a lot of pounds are lost this way, but the real problem might occur once a diet is over. After the diet, it takes a lot of will and mental strength not to return to the old eating habits. If that happens, lost pounds will be regained fast.


Atkins diet is an excellent example of the fast diets. It is based on a very low intake of carbohydrates, which means that all that actually can be taken are proteins and fats minimally. Since proteins create majority of food, that means that all sorts of meat can be eaten. It looks like this diet is excellent for meat lovers. This diet has been popular couple of years ago, but because of the unhealthy part of it, it lost the popularity, which was regained again in the last year or two. So, Atkins diet combined with positive thinking should be enough for a good start. After initial great loss of pounds, normal, healthy eating must take place and it should be used for a long time.            

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