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Many people will say that fast diets are far from healthy and that someone who wants to lose weight would be better off with a healthy and balanced easting. And they are probably right, but there is one thing that is a definite fact. Obesity is not a normal, healthy condition, so if a method that is not completely healthy is used, that should not be a problem, as long as there are results. But, it has to be admitted that fast diets do require a lot of discipline while on dieting, but also when a diet is over.

Fast and furious

It can be said that fast diets are the quickest way to eliminate the excessive weight. But there are some things that people should be aware of before any of them is tried. First of all, not only fat tissue is eliminated with this type of diet, but proteins and water are gone too. And when a diet is over, some water and proteins will be replenished so some weight will return. Also, people become relaxed when they lose a lot of pounds so they start to eat more or less the way they did before, with some slight changes, but that is not enough. This means that in most cases fast diets do work, but it is the time after the diet that spoils everything.

Most fast diets do not last for more than a couple of weeks, and they are based on eliminating one nutrient form the menu completely or reducing that nutrient to minimum. Of course, this is the unhealthy part; our organism has to have all nutrients on a daily basis. Also, many fast diets include the cleansing element in their menu. Most of the time, that clement is presented with some herbal product, usually a tea that helps with quickening the digestion process and eliminating the waste material from the colon. This reduces weight additionally, but when the process stops and supplement is not taken anymore, the colon becomes filled again and the pounds return.


Two most popular fast diets would be Atkins and cabbage soup diet. Both are based on reducing carbs from the menu, but the amount of protein is different. While Atkins allows a lot of proteins, even fat, cabbage soup diet is very restrictive, even though it is rich in vitamins and minerals (thanks to cabbage, partially). Atkins soup allows fever calories gained from carbs and a lot of meat, so this diet is perfect for all those who enjoy in all types of meat. But, it has to be emphasized here that some organs use carbs only and this is where one of the problems lies, the problem that makes fast diets last relatively shortly.

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