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Losing weight is a process that takes time and following some rules. Those rules might prove to be hard for some people to obey but without that discipline, extra pounds will not be lost. Determination, patience, sacrifice, positive thinking, dieting, physical activity, supplements, these are all needed for a person who fights obesity. Is there a way to lose weight a bit easier?


How to lose weight – eat smart! And smart does not mean some strict diet that will put the body on a verge of starvation. This is a controlled eating, with looking out for nutrients and amounts. There is a minimum of nutrients that should be taken each day for an organism to function normally and properly. So, if the value of calories is only slightly reduced, it will start a fat burning process, a slow one, but also a process that will not harm the organism in any way. And this might happen with fast diets because fat burning process is so intensive that it starts reducing proteins in the organism, and can start the production of certain toxic substances.

The intake of calories should be kept at a normal level and with increased physical activity, fat reduction will begin. As for food types that should be eaten for easier weight reduction, healthy food must come first. This means that fruits and veggies must be used in large quantities. Actually, for determining the food that should be eaten, a pyramid chart should be used. This chart usually contains three levels, base, mid level and top. Base is the widest level and it contains food that can be eaten in large quantities and those are mostly veggies and fruits. These types of food contain a lot of vitamins and minerals and very low calorie values (veggies at least, while some fruits have a lot of carbs - bananas for example). Next level contains dairy products and meat. Those are food that should be taken, but a bit less than base level elements. When it comes to meat, poultry is a smart choice, fish must be included (tuna as the best possible choice). It is recommended to use low fat dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc.), but in moderate amounts. As for the top level, it contains food with high percentages of fat and carbs and this level should be avoided most of the time.


With controled eating (junk food allowed only once in a while), regular moderate exercising (intensive training sessions are welcomed, but not essential) and a positive mind, extra pounds will melt away, slowly but steadily.

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