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When it comes to abdominal area, it might be one of thetoughest areas for perfecting. This includes both creating strong muscles andeliminating all of the excessive fat tissue. A guide to abdominal workout must contain fact regarding both dieting and exercising. However, the truth is that noguide will ever help much if a person is not mentally completely dedicated tothe problem.

Abdominal region

Abdominal region is one element of the core of the body, which means that it should be strong because it helps with many other exercises, itkeeps the proper posture and six pack really looks great when properly developed.Abdominal region includes lower, upper and side abs (so-called love handles). Forcreating a six pack, all these need to be worked out effectively. Experts saythat lower abs might be the most important for perfecting this part of thebody. Actually, only when performing exercises for lower abdominal region, the entire area is affected, both upper and side abs, which is not the case whenupper abs are exercised. Also, lower abs always have problem with being visiblebecause there is usually belly fat present, which covers them completely.


When creating six pack, both muscle mass building and cardioworkout is needed. Cardio is required for eliminating the fat tissue and it isgreat because it uses the entire body and several muscle groups at the sametime. This means that abdominal area will be completely visible, but those absmust be ripped, which is done with performing abdominal exercises. Basicexercises would include sit ups, crunches, leg raises etc. Each of those isgreat for strengthening the abs, but a training session also must follow somesimple rules. For example, the routine has to be changed, as often as possible.This will activate the muscles in several ways, so that each muscle fiber isproperly developed. Crunches are very interesting because they can be verystrenuous and effective. They require lifting the torso and at the sametime pulling thighs towards chest. This requires a hard muscle contraction, whichneeds a lot of energy thus burning a lot of calories. Also, crunches mightinclude another element and that is being still when torso is up. Legs can bestraight, above the floor or with thighs close to chest. Also, bicycle motioncan be done in this situation, or closing up one thigh to chest and thenanother. With torso in mid air, at about 45 degrees from the floor, muscles arebecoming bigger while the fat is lost.

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