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Having an attractive body has become an obsession of many people, both men and women. Having a perfect six-pack abs is wanted and desired to have, as well as to see on others. Even though this is happening for a completely wrong reason, it has to be said that having a fit and strong body is excellent for maintaining a healthy status of the organism.
Muscle groups
Abdominal muscles present one of the several muscle regions that people like to develop while exercising. Other popular areas are arms, buttocks, torso, etc. Women tend to like lean shape more than bulkiness, while men usually want to increase muscle mass as much as possible. But, no matter what type of muscles is preferred, one thing is always the same – everyone likes strong and toned abdominal muscles, with no exceptions!
So, what would be the best flat stomach exercises? It is obvious that exercises like crunches and sit-ups must be included. But also, if there is some excessive fat tissue present, it has to be eliminated with cardio workout. This is because it would be pointless to have strong abs covered with fat layers and therefore, not visible to others and to the practitioner. Crunches present one of the most effective toning exercises for the abdominal region. For this exercise, a practitioner should be on the floor on the back. Legs are straight or bent in knees (angle not higher than 90 degrees), while arms can be placed on the floor, next to the torso. This position of the arms is for beginners, but advanced practitioners should hold the hands crossed on the chest, while experts should keep them back, with fingers crossed behind the head. While exercising, the chest is pulled forward towards the legs and legs are also moved towards the chest – and back.
There are also some variations, such as being in the crunch position, with chest and legs close to each other and holding on as long as possible. Also, bicycle motion can be performed with legs while the chest is in upper position.
There are also some exercises that can be performed everywhere. For example, stomach should be pulled in and held as long as possible. This simple form is not as effective as crunches, but it can contribute a bit and that is all that matters. It is also important to extend abdominal muscles from time to time in order to avoid shortening. This might happen because most of the abdominal exercises are based on Flexing.

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